Please do not respond to this post unless English is your first language or you consider your English (spoken as well as written) as fluent as your first language.


Looking For:

TECHNICAL SUPPORT STAFF (Jr. Technical Operations Officer) -

Tasks include:

-Responding to support requests over phone, email and live chat
-Windows and Linux Server Administration

**Please take a bit of time and look over our website, community forums and blog at blog.arvixe.com. Make sure that you are ok and capable in providing support services in the arena that we are working with.***

You will be able to telecommute for this job.

SALES/CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF (Customer Service Representative) -

Tasks include:

-Responding to sales/billing requests over phone, email and live chat
-Order/Setup of SSL Certificates
-Handling of Abuse Cases

You will be able to telecommute for this job.
About Arvixe: Arvixe is a very fast growing web hosting company providing Shared, Dedicated and VPS solutions.

We currently employ ~30 bright and technically savvy individuals which provide sales and support services to over 30,000 customers worldwide. We depend on every single staff member to continually learn and grow with the company and be capable of providing all levels of support and service to our growing customer base.

Please send all resumes and questions to resumes .at. arvixe.com . We conduct interviews over Skype so please provide your Skype username with your inquiry.