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    Beware, Spain Government altering wikipedia in their favor to boost tourism

    After years of uncontrolled demographic grow, Spain eventually become one of the most overpopulated and polluted countries of Europe. But as the country make most of their income on tourism, they are fooling numbers on wikipedia articles. Articles for cities like Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, or Cadiz are being heavily supervised and any mention to biggest pandemics in the country hidden. Crime, inmigration, pollution on air, pollution on water, overpopulation, spanish favelas surrounding mayor cities, drugs, have disspeared from articles.

    The worst part is that they have also changed or hide their own official reports on the matter so, as wikipedia works on links to official reports to argue points, every single article on spain places are biased without any possible discussion.

    What i can tell you is to not travel to Spain and to look into any other place.

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    That is interesting. Do you have a source on this, such as a news article? I would like to read more.

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    Sorry but it is not in the news, thats the issue. You can have a look at articles like Seville city (it is not true population remains on 700.000 from 1990, it is now aroun 2.3million to say a tiny bit of the lie) and province, ive tried myself to update it with demographics data, crime, pollution (air, water, earth) and so and they get whipped. Spanish government is on crisis and they are looking fearcefully for tourism. And they want all they related articles to look as a tourism commercial and put ppl into that. We know it but noone say anything as they all lose money.

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    Well, duuuh, it's wikipedia. Come on, you gotta take it with a grain of salt. Just like any business doesn't want bad publicity, a company doesn't want it either.
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