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    Various servers, good for parts

    Hi All,

    Selling the following servers, looking for any offer, as i just want them sold.

    4x73GB SCSI 10k RPM Drives
    2xDual Core 2.8Ghz (total: 4 cores @ 2.8Ghz each))
    Fully working!!

    1 Intel Atom D510 Dual-Core 1.66GHz 1MB
    1 2GB Memory
    1 Intel D510MO Motherboard
    1 Supermicro 512L-200B Chassis
    Note: This server's video "output" is broken. Ie, there is no output, but the server does run fine. We didn't even realise the output wasn't working until we tried to attatch a KVM and re-install the server. This atom was only around 4-5 months old, however the original seller has dissapeared so i couldn't return it. You should be able to RMA this board

    HP DL 145 G2 Server Series.
    Specs :
    CPU - 2x AMD Opteron 270 2.0 GHz dual-core processors
    RAM - 2 GB (2x 1 GB memory sticks)
    Case - 1u rackmount case
    Networking - Integrated Dual Broadcom 5721 10/100/1000 NICs
    Remote Management - HP ProLiant Lights Out 100i Remote Management
    Note: This server was brought from another WHT member ~2 months back. It's PSU is currently dead (Well, the PSU powers up, but the rest doesn't, which indicates a faulty PSU) I got it like this from the seller (it was advertised as working, but i didn't manage to check it until 2 months later)

    Extra SCSI Drives : 2x146GB 10k RPM
    2x73GB 10k RPM (I think, has no labels, could be 146GB)

    Servers are currently located in Hereford, AZ. Shipping will be around $30-40 for most of the servers, atom will most likely be $20 or so.

    Please PM me or email me at bhavic [at]

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    em...could we get 1 Supermicro 512L-200B Chassis only?

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    Sorry, the Atom's been sold!

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