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    Are you a gamer??

    Find out here

    I got 42% gamer (I dunno how as i guessed on most of them )

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I got 62%, was expecting more.. some strange games in there.
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    Yeah i like older games so i was in the dark on most of them...

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I got 60%

    three or four of those questions are down to personal preference I think which made them hard to answer correctly.

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    76% I made an educated guess at a fair few of them! Fortunately a lot of the questions were about older games, back when I had more than 10 minutes a day to play a game!

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    86% - I got tripped up by the Mario Kart one, I thought for sure all of them were in there, so I just clicked - didn't get the difference between him and Jr.

    The others I legitimately didn't deserve, like I don't know the difference between C&CRA2 and C&C:TS because aside from "Generals" the last C&C game I played was RA1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebairMetz View Post
    thought I would do better- 54%
    same here, but only managed 66% ... the other goys over 70%'ve played alot of games in your lives

    waiting to see more results around here cause surely people do play games at least once in their lives...

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    I just got a 76%. I'm a little disappointed with the result. lol
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