View Poll Results: How did you find your current host?

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  • Through an advertisement on a website

    1 1.92%
  • A friend was using the service, and told me about it.

    5 9.62%
  • Search engine

    9 17.31%
  • Found my host on WHT

    26 50.00%
  • Other (please explain)

    11 21.15%
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    How did you find your current host?


    I'm curious to learn how everyone found out about the host they're currently using. Did you see a flashy banner ad on another site you frequent? Did your buddy have a positive experience and refer you? Did you come on WHT and find your host in the Offers section? Did you use Google?

    I'd just like to gain a better understanding of where everyone found their host.
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    NJ, USA

    I think referrals > all the flashy banners/google adwords/fancy forum names

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    San Francisco
    When I first got into hosting, it was first through Google which then led me here to WHT where I was able to do research and read legit reviews.

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    Feb 2006
    I found many of the hosts I use at present through WHT.

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    Corona, CA USA
    Right now I have servers in LA and Denver and I found both of my providers here.

    Previously I was using a Chicago firm that I had also found here.
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    I went with other. I actually answered an unsolicited email and became a reseller eventually moving my own site over to my own hosting. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Feb 2011
    Most of the web-hosts I chose were first seen on WHT. A few years ago , I used to depend on Google and Advertisements. But now I am depending on WHT after reading legit reviews

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    A member from was using DedicatedNOW and recommended them, so I gave them a try and ended up using them for a few months. But then I wanted to use a UK hosting provider for lower latency, etc. So I Googled keywords like "uk cpanel hosting" and "uk dedicated server" and found eUKhost.

    I have also found some providers with good reviews at with IntoVPS being one of them.
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    I found mine by having the owner on msn. He was going to sell me a hosting layout and I noticed that he had his domain in his name.

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    I didn't really do much research before joining my current host. I just remembered that i used to see some positive reviews on WHT.

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    Smade's Inn
    I used the old Host Quote system. I got one response that was handwritten and not a canned response. I emailed him back, got an instant reply and signed up.
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    WHT ofcourse

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    Huddersfield, UK
    Found on here after reading numerous rave reviews but, I've seen hosting companies get profiled & after awhile go down hill but, knew to avoid the big players.
    Anyways 2yrs & counting & never a problem
    Massive thanks to WHT
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    I was browsing low end box, and found a cheap deal for like 36 bucks a year, and signed up... They eventually had sale on dedicated server and here I am!

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    This was a mixed decision, got a reference from a friend then researched about the resources and then finalized it. Reviews do help but its all about bringing your personal instincts into action.

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    EU - east side
    Rather hard to really give a precise answer to this. The 2 hosts I use to host full fledged sites have been chosen after I heard good things about them here at WHT. The others, I can't really recall when and where I first heard about them, given they're huge hosts with banners all over the web. Some I probably first heard about from the list of companies with affiliate programs at

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    somewhere around
    I voted: a friend of mine was using.
    Still I can tell that in choosing the hosting he read a lot of reviews. Probably some over here ... but also on other sites as well.
    The research is quite a key factor when deciding to do something. This is if you don't want to change the provider every 3 month.
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    Although I was with them years ago, I originally found HawkHost on WHT here The service then was good that they've always stuck in my mind and when it came time to move, well, the decision was easy
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    Buffalo NY
    I'll go with my first *real* host since my current host is too awesome for words.

    It was called - they were a bizarre bunch if I recall in that sold you allotments of bandwidth and space and unless you used all of what you purchased you could use it indefinitely.

    Learned about them through a friend - word of mouth!
    Cody R.
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    May 2007
    I started by doing so much researching around online and finally decided, picked the best one for me.
    Hey Mikey likes it!

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    I went with other. I actually answered an unsolicited email and became a reseller eventually moving my own site over to my own hosting.
    YOU are the reason I keep getting spam emails.

    I've always had a knack for finding decent hosting providers, in my case these are the people who I know are going to last more than a couple years. I think because I've gone through somewhere close to a hundred of them. (I deliberately like to keep several in use at one time, so I'm not tied down to anyone.) If you want to include my experimenting with free providers, we could place that near 100. My advice is pretty simple.

    1) Stay dead away from top web hosting lists. The only advantage of a 'top 10' web host is longevity, if anything. I typically find lower reliability in many cases, though it's usually not as bad as the average among free hosting. In exchange you have to put up with a lot more marketing. They try to sell you all kinds of unrelated things, for example GoDaddy has about 7-8 pages of 'did you want this product?' when all I want to do is renew one domain name. The support you get is usually of poor quality, though there are some exceptions. I can tell what companies actually have their executives put some effort into that, because in most cases you can have your 'ticket' sent to the CEO.

    2) Look at the copyright. It tells you in 5 seconds how long the company's been around. But be careful. A few companies only list the current year and not their history, so also read the about page so you don't miss those. If you have doubts you can also check the WHOIS for the longevity of the hosting provider, but note that as in our case, I had the domain registered a full year before I started. So you have to be careful not assume because the domain exists for 6 years we've been in business for 6, since it's only been about 5. Make sure the company you're dealing with has at least 2 years of experience, unless you feel like experimenting.

    3) Never ever sign on for a full year up front, unless you're willing to lose a year's worth of cash should something go wrong. Always do a month to test first at least.

    4) Go with your gut about the company, based on the research. Or you can ask me if you're really frustrated.

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    A friend told me about some good company offering quality hosting. The friend did not use (as far as I understood) its service, just googled a lot, read some reviews. Well, the choice was wise as I am satisfied with my host.

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    This was a diverse decision, got a reference from a supporter at that time researched in this area the assets and at that time finalized it. Reviews sort out help but its all in this area bringing your private instincts into proceedings.

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    A while ago I used to use HostGator. I found out about them from adverts on forums, etc. Then reviews made me decide to buy the hosting.

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    Im using 2 hosting companies, the first is one of the top 10, so it took me 10 minutes of googling to decide to go with it. For other, which I use for business, I took more time reading reviews about in WHT and some popular review sites. Now Im moving all my sites to the latter.

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    I have a couple of different hosts for different things that I found via search engine. However in my opinion none of them are that good and I'm thinking about changing to one that I've heard good review of from people I know.

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