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    hello anyone know webhosting site that host openwebmail??????

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    Open Webmail

    I talked to Vision web hosting and they said they support it. I can't provide a link because the site will not let me.


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    You might be better off setting up a separate box with your own install of openwebmail. Many hosts use cPanel, and cPanel uses maildir, while openwebmail uses mbox. While, yes, hosts can set it up if they wanted's not common.

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    Hi Sajan,

    Thanks for the info. I didn't know one could do that.


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    Uhm... I want to know, why one (you) wants to use openwebmail? since it's not common, is it? (I've just heard about it now)?
    Any specific reason/benefits of using that openwebmail compared with the default cPanel (maildir)?
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    You may better use a vps where you can get going with openwebmail or the mail that suits you.

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    No host will support installing openwebmail as a plugin as most of the guys said cPanel has maildir and changing this will effect all accounts on server. Manjusha gave you the best choice to run your own scripts and programs shared environment won't help you in that.

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    Try with a vps server where you can install whatever you liked.

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    Open Webmail

    Wow! you guys are really helpful. First, I just like Open Webmail. Vision web host says they will administer it for me and they got my business. I haven't tried every webmail program out there, but I have been using Open Webmail in '02 and have grown to like it, despite it's quirks.

    Anyway, I don't think I'll need a vps since the host is just going to have it accessible to me. I don't even know what a vps is, so it's probably just as well. Thanks for all the feedback.


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    It's good you found somebody to support you and administrate your scripts. If you were asking about VPS which stands for Virtual Private Server (VPS) primary concept for virtualization in different modes OpenVZ, Xen, Hyper-V, VMware depeneds on what software are you installing on the server. It comes between shared hosting and dedicated server where your hosting will be shared on the same server with independent partition having root access. For example your personal PC has Windows 7 and you need to install Linux on it so you use one of the software to install it but using virtual hardware resources from your main PC like CPU, RAM, HDD, etc..

    If want to find more about that you can google it

    This is a Wikipedia link:

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    If you haven't seen what cpanel webmail have to offer I will suggest give it a try before going against the sea, you will have more choice and support.
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