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    nginx config help

    Hello Everybody,

    Little help needed with an nginx config.

    Currently I have set it as follows.

    location ~* \.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png|wmv|avi|mpg|mpeg|mp4|js|css)$ {
    root /home/username/public_html;

    location / {
    proxy_pass http://another_server;

    Now, I want to send the following request(image inside passthru_folder) to proxy instead of serving from nginx.

    Without this, nginx return 404 as there is no such folder.

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    The better way to do is that remove jpg extension from location so all jpg requests will be auto forward to backend (httpd). But this will effect entire account not only passthru_folder folder.
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    Try this:

    location ~* \.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png|wmv|avi|mpg|mpeg|mp4|js|css)$ {
    root /home/username/public_html;
    error_page    404 = @retry;
    location @retry {
    proxy_pass http://another_server;
    location / {
    proxy_pass http://another_server;
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