About Us

Shacko hosting is a company which strives to provide small to medium sized businesses hosting at a affordable and reliable price. Our main goal here at shacko hosting is to make sure customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Plans

Small Shack

2000MB of Disk Storage
10000MB of Disk Transfer

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Medium Shack

5000MB of Disk Storage
20000MB of Disk Transfer

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Large Shack

8000MB of Disk Storage
30000MB od Disk Transfer

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iPad 2 Giveaway

This offer is only exclusive to! If you order any of the packages from March 26st to April 2nd you will be one of 15 eligible contest to win this iPad 2. Order quick!

3/15 spots left.

Terms and Services

By purchasing hosting at Shacko Hosting, you must follow these guide lines or immediate action will be taken. There will be no child pornography, no flux, rapidleech, warez hosting, or any bandwidth consuming actions. If any of these acts are being preformed account suspenison or termination may be proccesed. Any other offshore hosting is allowed.


If you have any questions about the giveaway or any of our services feel free to drop a email at [email protected]