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    Small layout/CSS job

    I am currently converting a static HTML layout to a Wordpress theme. I have almost everything figured out, except for a few minor positioning and space issues.

    Please send me a PM if you can help me, I think a job like this would be $10 - $20 if you can fix it.


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    Going from a static HTML layout to a Wordpress theme -- while quite doable -- can get very hairy (as I'm sure you are experiencing) -- so I'm not sure that $10-$20 is worth it for many people for the amount of digging that someone will need to do to try to find the error. (BTW: there are services that will do the conversion generally for $50-$150).

    Did the HTML/CSS layout run perfectly as a static page before porting it over to Wordpress?
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    Yes, the layout worked perfectly as a static page. I've got most of the elements worked out, just 1 or 2 CSS attributes that need to be resolved.

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    Nevermind, I figured this out, it was a minor DIV ordering error.

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    That is great. But there are people who would do this for free. You could have posted this in the web design forum and we would have helped you free of charge. I find it really good when people attempt these sort of jobs. Keep it up.

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