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    Remove malicious image

    I have some files uploaded by ftp to the server, the intruder has included this tag at the end of index files

    <img heigth="1" width="1" border="0" src="">

    How can I remove the tag from the server, and how can identify how the intruder has obtained the password to upload the files?

    The customer computer has not viruses or trojans.
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    the number changes randomly in different files

    <img heigth="1" width="1" border="0" src="">
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    You can never say the customer has no virus or trojan. I am sure the customer must have scanned the computer using the existing antivirus which will never detect the virus, if it could the virus would not affect the computer at first place. Ask him to grab another antivirus and scan the whole system. Such issues are normally caused due to gumblar virus which steals the ftp credentials and passes on to the hackers who then infect pages using special scripts or software.
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    To remove the tags, edit the files, or restore backups.

    To find out how they were infected, check the ftp messages in the logfile /var/log/messages - eg:

    grep infectedaccount /var/log/messages | grep ftp | less

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    You can correct this by editing your php.ini file open remote URLs.

    Also, depending on how these files are uploaded, you can screen for malicious code and valid image formats through PHP.

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    Please post results - so we can all learn

    Hi there;
    I'm hoping you fixed the problem.
    Please post your sesults even if you didn't get your desired response or if you ended up having a cognition and fixing it yourself- because that the whole point right? to grow as a community.

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    There are only a couple ways your website can be hacked this way.
    I'm assuming hostgator is not running you on a non-suPHP server, so I won't go there.

    That said, the two means would be:
    1. Stolen password (through your computer, email, not secured connection when you were at the coffee shop uploading files, etc).

    2. Compromisable script on your website, such as a hackable plugin you might have installed in oscommerce, wordpress, joomla, etc., or even an older version of these apps which are easily hacked.

    That said, you should have a professional run through your website to identify any malware or back-door scripts that might remain. Finding and removing the obvious hacks is rarely all that's required.

    In the hundred or so websites I've cleared in the past year, most were people who had been hacked months before, and the previous guy only removed the iframes or embedded HTML, leaving the actual hacks (back-door scripts) in place. is a great free tool to check your pages.
    And is indispensable once you understand how it works.

    Best Wishes,
    Jim Walker
    The Hack Repair Guy

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