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    Intel Quad | 16GB RAM | 10TB Traffic | 1 Gbps | 1TB HD RAID 1 | cPanel | KVM | WHMCS

    I have an extra dedicated server hosted at the provider listed below. I purchased this server during a black friday deal (50% off) and it has since served me well and service is excellent.

    I no longer have a use for this server and I have already payed for this month's bill. At the time of this posting, only 3 days have past since the last billing so if you purchase now you will have most of the current month.

    You will be purchasing an already set up and running server.
    I am asking 200$ (52$ cheaper than current monthly bill) through PayPal for this server.

    Serious inquiries only. Once payment is completed. I will transfer all services in your name.

    Thanks for your time.


    Price For Transfer Of Ownership: 200$
    Date of Billing: The 23rd of each month.

    Monthly Price: 252$

    Server Configuration

    CPU Selection:
    Intel i5 750 2.66 GHz (4 cores @ 2.66 GHz)
    Operating System:
    Linux - CentOS 5.x - 64bit - Red Hat Enterprise
    Control Panel:
    cPanel - Linux Only - Unlimited Domains
    IP Addresses:
    64 IP Addresses (61 usable)
    System Memory:
    16,384 MB (16 GB)
    Primary Disk Drive:
    1,000 GB (1.0 TB) SATA II
    Secondary Disk Drive:
    1,000 GB (1.0 TB) SATA II
    Premium Bandwidth:
    10,000 GB
    Port Speed:
    1000 Mbit (GigE) Dedicated Port
    Lantronix Spider KVM:
    KVM over IP (Lantronix)
    Managed Service Plans:
    Gold Management Plan + 50 GB R1Soft Premium Backup
    R1Soft CDP Backups:
    R1Soft CDP + 100 GB
    Free WHMCS License
    Additional Info:
    Hard Drives are in RAID 1

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    Offer Still Present

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