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    Changing IP from within Windows Server?

    I bought a gaming server that I use like my own computer. It came with 2 IPs.

    If I go into the CMD and release the IP, then assign the 2nd IP the box came with via network settings, will it instantly change the IP? Or do I have to send in a ticket for the IP to be changed?

    If I can't do that how can I use the 2nd IP as a proxy?
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    You dont need to do that.

    Your Server has both IPs already assigned (99% sure) - so just BIND your proxy software to the second IP, or if you want to use the Main IP as proxy bind your Gameserver/Webserver to your Main IP.

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    Above answer is correct, IP has already been assigned to you, so you've no need to ask them, just allot it and you can use.

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    Right, unless your boxes are in different VLANs for whatever reason or there are other network implications then you should be good to just remove it from one box and add it to the other without issue.

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    I pretty much want to either IP whenever I want. how exactly would I do that?

    you mentioned bind the software to the IP? I've never worked with servers before.

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    You may look into hiring a consultant or server management company to assist you initially. You can search for those services on this forum.

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