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Thread: Laptop?

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    Thinking of buying a new laptop. Which company would you recommend.

    Any best processor.
    4GB Ram.
    Good gaming performance.
    Strong Battery life.

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    The Asus U series would probably be good for you.

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    I'd also recommended Asus. I like their warranty as it is usually 2 years for general warranty and they protect from drops/spills etc for 1 year.

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    Biju, I want to suggest for Dell. Its service is also good and one of the best companies for laptop in India.

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    I've been using Dell Inspiron 15R with 4GB RAM and Core i5 processor and its been working pretty well for me. So you can have a look at this one because it has excellent performance. Just one downside that its silver body is easily prone to get finger prints.
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    I think you need to consider on configuration of laptop than digging for company. Now a days all companies gives you same guarantee and have custom solution for configuration. Plan according to your need then go to a company like dell, assus or hp and make a custom laptop for you.

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    Your approach is a bit reversed. Try this:

    Step 1: define the need for the laptop and work backwards. Look at the recommended specs of the games you will play and make sure the laptop exceeds these specs. Note the video card you will want (look to see what options there are) and decide about ports (e.g. do you need HDMI out -- and if so can the video card handle the resolution of the screen you'd send the image to).

    Step 2: Decide on screen size and weight, and don't forget about keyboard position (you'll note that Macs, for example, set the keyboard very far back in certain models). Go to Best Buy, etc and FEEL the laptops. Look at what a 15.4" looks like, feel how heavy at 17" laptop can be.

    Step 3: Now that you have all the data, now start shopping for a laptop.

    Hope that helps.
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    you should check out
    the have awesome deals on their front page every now and then. Dell and HP mostly though.

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