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    Please post your domains or PM, remember to include the price also.

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    for budget high XX~ low XXX, thanks.

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    Nice portfolio of 139 for sale only in bulk at just USD 13,000 with deal closed through (+fee at buyer charge).
    All these domains are already registered at Dotster so you'll get them under a single account, we'll also renew at our extra charge those
    with exp. date in January.
    If you wish to opt for a bulk registrar transfer, we can surely discuss this possibility too.
    Our asking price is firm so, please, get back to us only if you agree with it otherwise we thank you for your time and consideration
    but we can't decrease it anymore.

    There's no catch, this portfolio is obviously much more than 13k, our only interest is selling them in bulk (not separately even if
    at an higher price) to raise new funds for new investments.

    Email: domainsales (at)
    AIM: dnempiregroup - ICQ: 36734254 - MSN: [email protected] - YAHOO: domainempire

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