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    Need help with dedicated server or vps

    I am from asia and basically because of competition i sale cheap hosting plans and i only have one dedicated server and one i have vps which i purchased before 10 days.. I have maximum 150 customers but only 3 to 5 are using forums etc and their forums also not much big, rest i have little customers like they are using static page sites and main purpose for them is email some customers using blogs so almost my total hard drive storage is 20gb using..

    My monthly customers are 3 to 4 and some time nothing and they are already paying little fee which is not covering server charges.. This business i am running because it is my passion and i want to be a big hosting company in my country and inshaAllah world wide.

    Recently i am getting issues from dedicated server thats why i am thinking for backup services and bought VPS.. data center saying u are getting ddos attacks or botnets etc so protect your self we told them we have CSF firewall and it is blocking ips we get daily lfd logs on emails they last week shut down server for 10 hours then changed our ip now they are again saying secure your self.. So like this i am running a company if server get down all customers will be un satisfied.. and already here is competition.

    So i want your help i need any better uptime secure vps hosting company site who provide me better services and cheap where i can host my all customers and after all if fee will be less and if customers does not come i can pay easily because i dont want to get tense always from data center etc..

    I did found and was thinking to buy their VPS perfetto 2 plan but before buying i want to clear someone trusted like what is best for me...

    I dont want to go back from this business i have told you its my passion but if you have any idea or suggestion for me please..

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    So basically what you are saying is that:

    A) You are running at a loss

    B) You claim to have a passion for this business

    C) But you are not passionate enough to learn how to manage a server properly?

    You sound like a typical Pakistani hosting provider. My suggestion is to get a reseller hosting account where everything is taken care of for you. The only thing you will have to do is take daily backups. Hopefully you won't forget to do this one thing.

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