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    Video Streaming Hosts -- advice needed


    Just wondering if you guys can suggest a good video streaming host?

    I have like 30-40 videos, and expected visitors are like 100 to 150 in one month. Now at this point its difficult for me to say how much the concurrent connections will be as well as bandwidth consumption.

    At a lot of places in this forum, people have suggested dedicated servers for streaming. But i have had a hard time dealing with them, as i am not all that great with linux.

    So i am looking for something, where i dont want to mess with apache, bind etc but streams well.

    Is it possible to find a good video streaming host around USD 100 ?

    Plz suggest what would be the best way to go. I am really having a hardtime in deciding what to do.

    Kindly guide.

    Thanks a lot.

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    For $100.00 you can get a low end dedicated server, How ever id first start off with a vps from a managed provider such as knownhost and see how it goes.

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    Whats the script you will be running ?
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    Depending upon what software you plan to stream with, you should be able to find hosting for around that amount that will suffice.
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    Do you want your own site or are you just looking for sites to upload them to?

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