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    Best prcatice for my server index page


    I have a server that is

    Whey I type the above url in the browser, I get the Apache Working page (see attachment)

    What is best practice for this page? How can I change it?

    Thank you
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    From the screen shot your have attached proves that its a cPanel server.

    Just go to /usr/local/apache/htdocs and replace existing index.html with your own.

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    Thank you for your reply. I found the index page and I can change it. However, what is the best practice for such page. What most hosting company do for this page.

    Should I redirected to our website? Should I show a blank page? What should I do with it?


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    It depends on you and/or type of server [dedi or shared].
    If a shared server you can put your companies advt. If a dedi one put a redirection to main website on it.

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    It is a Dedi. that has around 100 websites for different clients.


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