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    A wort using Adsense alternative?

    Hi. Inspired by another thread, I'm going back to where I started - ads. I've been using Google Adsense, until my account was blocked because of some angry banned kids, I've also reapplied, and it didn't worked.
    I'm looking for Google Adsense alternatives, since my account is blocked now. Sites would be in English (one in foreign language) language, topic - general/IT/gaming.
    Is there something else wort using? That actually would give me some money, not 0.0001$/click?

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    google adsense and all I know suck.

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    try adsbrite or bidvertiser they are good ppc network you can try those but in my knowledge adsense is the best

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    I would highly recommend as the main alternative to Adsense. Check them out. Their rates are very similar to Adsense, and are also international.

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    I just started using OIO Publisher.. lets you sell ads directly on your site..

    (yeah, that's their banner in the top/left of the block)

    It's $47, but use "SPRING11-KP" to get $10 off. Then let advertisers sign up right on your site and pay with paypal.

    I just installed it today so not real sure about it yet, but sounds like a great idea.
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    A friend of mine recommends "Adsdaq", but I've never used them myself.

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    Interested in others reviews on these services

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