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    Need Server Based on Elastix Distribution


    i'm currently looking for a dedicated server based on Elastix Distribution.

    My budget is 50$/month.


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    Have you done any research on it? If you are setting up a test environment you could probably get away with a robust vps, go look at their faq's for more information.

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    It seems that software will run on a VPS as mentioned above. I would have to agree, that is your best bet for under $50.
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    Some cloud operators are offering Elastix as an option.

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    Thanks for your response. I have already tryed to install Elastix on a vps server but elastix use their own kernel so it's not possible.

    This for why i'm looking for a cheap cost dedicated server.. Elastix don't need really high performance.. just a good internet connection.

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    You tried to install Elastix on a OpenVZ-based VPS then, which won't work.
    I meant using it on real cloud servers (Xen/VMWare based).

    For example, VPS.NET and Caro.Net clouds offer you the possibility of having a cloud server already provisioned with Elastix, no need for you to install anything.

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    Well, thanks cresci for the informations.

    I will check it out =)

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    We've found that running softswitches like Elastix on clouds doesn't work well due to clocksource issues. $50.00 is plenty for a Pentium 4 or same-era Xeon, and personally, I'll take hardware over cloudware any day.
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    You can install it on KVM based VPS easily.

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