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    My experiences with UBServers

    Back in Sept, I got a shared server with UBServers, and everything was set up quickly with good customer support. For such a cheap price, I thought I scored with UBServers.

    Well, in the next two months, there were two major downtime periods that lasted 2+ hours each, so I thought about moving servers as they're clearly on a poor network. What secured it for me was in early Jan, I woke up to my account being suspended and my sites down.

    Was it something I did? Non-Payment? Bad Content? Nope, it turns out after contacting them, someone on my shared box was spamming and they shut off every account without any notice. To their credit, they put my site back online after contacting them, but that left a horrible taste in my mouth.

    I found HostV had solid VPS plans, so I quickly jumped to them in mid-Jan, and that's where the fun with UBServers just began.

    Seeing as I no longer needed my bank account I used strictly for UB, I transferred all the money to my savings and canceled the account. Here is the fun timeline of events that followed:

    1-11-11 -- invoice #212 generated
    1-17-11 -- canceled account
    1-17-11 -- confirmed by UBServers about cancel

    1-25-11 -- invoice #212 auto paid
    (note: I accepted this as the last payment I should have made)

    2-11-11 -- invoice #359 generated
    (contacted them again about this, said he would cancel .. again)

    2-25-11 -- invoice #212 auto paid
    (umm, I just paid invoice 212 on 1-25)
    (by now, they're charging my empty bank, which hit me with a $25 fee on a $3.71 bill)

    2-26-11 -- invoice #392 generated
    (wait, it just paid 212 the day before, and it generated 359 just two weeks prior, why is a NEW invoice being generated??)

    2-26-11 -- invoice #392 auto paid
    (sweet, another $25 charge by the bank. Went down and canceled my bank account JUST so UBServers wouldn't auto bill me again.)

    3-10-11 - invoice #404 generated
    (seriously? Keep in mind I've fwd'd every single invoice I received to the CS, and they said every time they were going to cancel)

    3-25-11 - invoice #392 auto paid
    (I have no clue how it was auto paid. I assume they billed paypal which is going to try and pull money from my bank account that no longer exists. I went into paypal directly and found a way to cancel it there)

    So yea, sorry for the long post, but my recommendation: Avoid UBServers at all costs.

    Another recommendation: So far HostV has been excellent.

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    Yes I wasn't going to take it to the forums until I received yet another bill generated today. I have no idea what they're doing down there.

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    You should have canceled account with them earlier

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    Did you tried their live support or opened a ticket with staff as it seems that your account is currently active leading to auto-generation of invoices, to notify of this serious error..
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    looks like serious bug in there system, have you contact them with details? Most probably they are unaware of this error.
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    This to me doesn't make sense!

    As you use paypal to pay invoices & you have no money in bank it'll just fail due to insufficient funds

    Also why didn't you cancel the subscription with paypal in the 1st place

    I don't think you can blame UBServers. It doesn't add up!
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