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    Angry Some Server are very Slow

    hello all
    sorry about this Thread but i have a problem, i get 10 Server E5620 + 12GB RAM DDR3 + 2X1TB 7500 RPM,The Network and facility is From CoreXchange.

    7 Dedicated Server are work without any problem, 1Windows and 2 Dedicated For Hosting they are very Good

    the problem is in the 3 Last dedicated server we install Hypervm+Open and Hypervm+Xen but they are Very slow.

    so the problem is just with some think relate with Virtualization

    the CoreXchange Support say that's it's not our problem & i order remote hand for if they can help

    do you have any suggest help us to fix the problem?


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    We need more information really to help. More than things are slow. Are the virtualized systems on a different network segment? Are the configurations standard? Anything you can provide will help.

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    hello all and thinks for your help,
    I contact the DC they will investigate first about the Hardware because they buy the Servers for me.

    all VPS we move them from Q9550 with 8 GB RAM to E5620 with 12GB RAM DDR3 and with the some configuration that's we have in another Server in another DC, so the problem is not configuration.

    Amanah, the HDD is not a problem because the RAM is used with 100% and the load is : 10
    free ram is : 489

    All Dedicated Server are working without any problem and tey are very Good
    we have a Dedicated Server with Windows Entreprise and we resell VPS and he work without any problem too


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    I am beting on IO bottleneck for this one.

    You should probably get 2 redundant San with openfiler instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by existsite View Post
    I am beting on IO bottleneck for this one.

    You should probably get 2 redundant San with openfiler instead
    Thanks for your reply, the Servers are very Speed and the network Are Very Good, it's Just a Small Error in Configuration ):

    CoreXchange has very good Providers

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