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    recommended stable IOS build for cisco 6500/sup720?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a stable IOS build for a cisco 6503-e chassis with sup720-3bxl and WS-X6548-GE-TX. So far i've tried 12.2.33-SXI5(ED) and 12.2.33-SXH8(ED) (safe harbor) and am experiencing router crashes after enabling netflow and strange HSRP flapping (only the standby router flaps, about once every 8 hours the active doesn't log any changes or seem to notice at all). I see that 12.2.33-SXJ(ED) and 12.2.33-SXH8a(ED) were released on the 23rd and apparently SXI5 has been upgraded to safe harbor with SXH8a being dropped from safe harbor? The only features i need are hsrp, vtp, bgp, snmpv3 and netflow would be nice. All of the releases available via the download software page on cisco's website are shown as (ED) releases so i'm not really sure which to choose. Thank you!

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