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Thread: VPS Panel help

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    VPS Panel help


    I am considering to start a VPS Hosting service.
    I wanted to know which panel should I offer ?
    I am considering between the three :
    1) SolusVM
    2) vePortal
    3) Virtualizor

    I have used VPS powered by SolusVM and vePortal (BurstNet). Never used Virtualizor, just checked a demo.

    It looks ok and honestly all three have the same features.
    So which one should I go with. Virtualizor is cheaper, then vePortal and then SolusVM.

    I am inclined towards SolusVM but Virtualizor and vePortal also look good. So which one to use ?
    Has anyone used Virtualizor in production ?


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    Why dont you use virtualizor on testing server ?
    I used them except veportal for testing.
    If I would be you, I would go with virtualizor.
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    Thanks for the reply. Are you using Virtualizor in any production environment ? I am starting new and dont want to mess up.
    Also why shouldnt I go with SolusVM ?
    Is it having something less than vePortal or Virtualizor ?

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