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    Transfer a TLD away from 123-reg to GoDaddy

    Hello All

    We have an old .com domain registered with 123-reg in the UK which we have agreed to sell to a guy in the US. He tells us he has a GoDaddy account.

    We have never transferred a domain before so we a rather vague about the process. We have 2 questions...

    1: In the 123-reg support area about transferring TLDs away it explains how to get a "Authorisation/EPP code" but nothing beyond that - once we have this code what do we do with it?

    2: The guy in the US has asked if we need his GoDaddy details - I guess the answer to that is "yes" but what details will we need to do the transfer?

    Any help would be much appreciated!



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    For transfer you must get authcode from 123reg and send it to guy. He can make transfer with this code on his godaddy account.

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    You must do two things. 1) Get the auth code from 123Reg and give it to the buyer, and 2) unlock the domain (else it won't transfer). Once you have done that, your part in the transfer process is completed. It's up to the buyer to initiate the transfer with GoDaddy.
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