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    DNS Whitelabeling?

    I see SpeedySparrow using their domain as their whitelabel domain. Godaddy uses Softlayer uses networklayer.

    What's your take on this? Should we be using our main domain or white labeling it with another domain on hostnames and reverse DNS?
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    Depends really.

    In my case, most of my customers do not want to deal directly with the tech so I'm honest about outsourcing my DNS to a provider like Nettica and they will not care as long as their website receives top notch performance and uptime.

    Now if you are catering to more technically inclined customers, they will obviously notice, but may or may not care.
    For example I understand DNS, I can run my own, but it takes a specialist to do (Multicast) DNS properly and do this across several continents.
    Letting the specialist handle a part of the business makes my offerings better in this case and allows me to focus on my own specialty.

    My guess is that it's best to be honest

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    If you're offering simple shared hosting, using your own domain is fine and customers may even prefer it. If you're reselling your services, generally resellers like to have things whitelabeled.

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