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    how long will it take to propagate after changing nameservers?

    how long will it take to propagate after changing nameservers,
    what are factors why some of them will take about 72 hours?

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    After changing the name servers it generally takes 24-72 hrs.The propagation generally happens the ISP wise so e.g. if the name servers are propagated in USA and if you are located in other country you may require few more hrs since your ISP will take few hrs to fetch the changes.

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    The nameservers can take up to 1 hour to appear

    I find between the USA and UK the website then takes up to 1 hour from when the nameservers are in place
    However, the email takes longer and is typically between 12 and 36 hours
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    To be on the safe side, especially with Mail Records, account 24-36 hours.

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    Normally 24 to 48 hours for the complete propagation of the changes across the world wide name servers.

    You can make it faster by reducing the TTL value to a low value and do the nameserver change.

    note: Keep in mind that DNS change will cause resolving problem, so need to prepare before doing anything.
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    I am agree with "techs4gnu". It takes 24-48 hours. But in some cases it may takes more time too.

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    Normally it takes few hours however in some cases it can be upto 48 hours.

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    It depends on the TTLs involved, and it may take minutes. We commonly see propagation within an hour or two.

    Some ISPs cache old values for much longer than the TTLs as they use broken name resolvers, in which case you may have to wait more like the 24-72 hours.

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    I would put it down to popularity of a domain. If its popular it will of cached more and take longer to update. TTL's are also important.

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