WHT, howdy! I have received a wonderful response from my most recent post offering my web design services, and I appreciate those who allowed me the opportunity to work with them and their business.

I am selling three web designs that I created this week. Included with each design includes:

  • Organized PSD's
  • Exclusive rights to each design
  • Font files
  • Minor modifications (logo and navigation)

NOTE: These designs are NOT coded, nor do I offer coding/programming. I am also a verified member of PayPal

Design #1:
Home page-

Sub/plan page-

Price- $90

Design #2:
Home page-

Sub/plan page-

Price- $90

Design #3:
Home page-

Sub/plan page-

Price- $85

I am also available for custom work. I value customer service, rapid turn-around times, and valuable input for your business and functionality of your design (as I consider all aspects of the design).

My custom design services generally start at $50 for the first page, with varying cost thereafter. I also design general graphics, logos, and printed material upon request. I generally supply water-marked, low quality concepts upon request, but depending on how extensive the project is I may require a 50% deposit.

Links to comments about myself:

For more information or to purchase a design: please send me a PM! If you are interested in custom design services: please include as much information about your business, requirements, and design ideas as possible.

Rock on WHT!