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    * Looking for an investor(web designer)

    Hello i'm an python programmer looking for an investor.
    My project is big and is expected to gain quite some revenue.

    Although i can't provide intimidate pay therefore this is an investment

    I'm looking for an web designer
    That has the time to make an design in html maybe a bit JS if the person know's it

    pay: 40% revenue for 6 month's after first month of income

    This is one of those my head hurt's innovative ideas

    Email for contacting me is
    [email protected]
    i'm on IM as
    msn:[email protected]
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    I wish you the best of luck however you may want to clarify the market, who the exact web designer should be and ask for rates, not tell them what they will get.

    What if I were to invest $2,000 of time into your project and your first 6 months you only made $500 total and I only get 40%, that would be like $200, 10% of what the rate would have been.

    Industry norm is 1-5% equity for life in the company, build it up and sell it to a bigger company. No one is going to want to work for you for free unless it is worth their while.

    Just some things to think about and I wish you the best of luck with your project!

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    Okay i see my error's now

    If you invest 2000 worth of time into this project

    And you only get 500$ the first 6 months the 6 months reset until the 2000 worth is reached.

    So even if you only get 1999 the first 6 months it goes on for another 6 month's

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