Simple, quality VPS's hosted in Germany. Never oversold

Our servers are powered by i7 processors and use RAID1 configurations to ensure your VPS is fast and secure.
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Ram: 256mb with 512 burst
Storage: 50gb
Bandwith: 600gb
Cores: 1
Price: $8

Ram: 512mb with 1024 burst
Cores: 2
Storage: 75gb
Bandwith: 800gb
Price: $13

Ram: 768mb with 1536 burst
Cores: 2
Storage: 100gb
Bandwith: 1000gb
Price: $18

Ram: 1024mb with 2048 burst
Cores: 3
Storage: 150gb
Bandwith: Unlimited
Price: $22

Ram: 2048mb with 4096 burst
Cores: 4
Storage: 200gb
Bandwith: Unlimited
Price: $26

Payments accepted:
We use PayPal as our payment processor. If you do not have a PayPal account then you can still pay through their service, just click the "I don't have a PayPal" link at PayPal's checkout page.