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    Question Fcgi and and php op code cachers


    When i use the fcgi option on Apache handler i got wrong stats with xcache

    When a user registers the first minute was ok the stats down on the left on my forum.

    Then after a few minutes new users was registered and after i press F5 to refresh the page every time i got wrong stats.

    Some times 550 (correct stat) after F5 again i got 546 and again 542 and then 550 and every time i was refreshing the page i got thisproblem and the same also happend with the shoutbox and topic replies.

    I was reply and then after f5 reply was there and then F5 again and the reply gone and after a whie f5 and the reply is back.

    Then i go back to DSO Apache Handler and all problems gone but i think performance will reduce than help.

    DSO + xcache VS fcgi + a working correct any opcode cacher

    Can anyone confirm that any of those cache systems (APC/eAccelerator/xcache) work great using fcgi please?

    Give me some more info please.

    Thank you

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    The xcache author told me:

    the current looks you have is: httpd as fcgi manager, managing many
    php-fcgi workers(childs). it not only make your stats wrong but also
    take up a lot of memory, because each php-fcgi worker allocate its own
    XCache cache memory

    the target result should be: _1_ php-fcgi parent, with many php-fcgi
    the key is, php as a fcgi manager should be the parent of worker childs
    But how i can do this?

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