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    * /\ Canadian VPS starting @ 8.99! Premium bandwidth and hardware, must see!


    There is a great offer from on our brand new node!

    2x Dual Intel Xeon E5140
    4x 500 GB HDD RAID 10 (Hot swap change capable)
    8 GB ECC Memory
    Dual PSU on 2 different power circuits
    100 Mbit network port

    If you need more information on our facility, please take a look at website.

    What does it means? Your data is more than safe if anything goes wrong on our node. One side power is not working? No worries, the other power supply will keep the node up and running to give our customers the best uptime possible. We continue to ask you to make your own backup in case you need to reload your VPS on your own. This setup is made to be secure when hardware is having some trouble, not for your personal use

    This node is made to give more power and stability to all of our customers. If you are looking for a Premium VPS service at low price, you're at the good place!

    This node is on a 100 Mbit port that is used so far for around 10 Mbit, so we got one of the best connection in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Is your VPS port is limited? Not at all, we give you the full power of our node port to let you have the best experience possible.

    What are you waiting to give you the chance to have one of the best service available on the market?

    Speed test: 100 Mb file
    PING test:

    Promo 1

    2x 2.33 GHZ Xeon CPU
    30 GB RAID 10
    1000 GB Bandwidth (100 Mbit)
    512 Mb RAM ECC
    1024 Mb Burst
    IP: 1
    Web panel access

    Price chart: 1 month/ 3 month/ 6 month/ Annually



    Promo 2

    4x 2.33 GHZ Xeon CPU
    50 GB RAID 10
    1000 GB Bandwidth (100 Mbit)
    1024 Mb RAM ECC
    1536 Mb Burst
    IP: 2
    Web panel access

    Price chart: 1 month/ 3 month/ 6 month/ Annually



    We hope that you enjoy our new offer!

    Premium VPS at low prices! /

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    Would TUN/TAP be available on these VPS ?

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