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    Checking for server reboots

    I have a Windows VPS host where I leave some software running, that periodically does stuff. The odd thing is that when I log into the VPS a day or two later, the program is close.

    Is there any way to check when the server has been rebooted or why its closed down?



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    You can check in the Event Viewer

    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer

    Should be under the "System" logs..

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    Why don't you setup monitoring which can check the system uptime or service monitoring and alert you when it fails?

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    How are you connecting remotely? RDP? Also, if you have this process running and it requires a user to be logged on, you may look at autologon or something (sysinternals tool).
    You can also turn the process into a service (usually), which can auto-restart should it crash.
    Or, something similar can be done with remote services via pstools.
    Quite a few ways at your disposal, but it depends on what you are running, and how.
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