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    Thumbs up QualityServers Review (Fantastic!)

    The following is my entry review of QualityServers ( based on my personal experience and thoughts as a new customer. I like to post these reviews every so often as I feel it is important to appreciate the hard work that people put in to keeping things running. I will post a follow-up review for QualityServers in a couple of months when I have been a client for longer and have a better view of how things are run.

    Service 10/10
    Thus far I have absolutely no complaints about the service QualityServers have given me, in fact I would go as far as to say this is the easiest company to company transition I have ever experienced. Most of the previous company changes I have been through have involved annoying billing errors or forgotten cPanel licenses, I am happy to report there has been none of that this time round.

    The VPS itself is very speedy, I ran UnixBench and it scored 829.3, more than double the VPS I had at my old host. Speed wise, it kinda feels like I have that 8-core Xeon node all to myself, which I like very much indeed.

    Pricing 10/10
    I was looking to make a move from my old (mostly stagnant) host for a while, the QualityServers deal I found on this very forum gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. I currently have three servers with QualityServers, one larger Xen server with cPanel and two smaller OpenVZ ones for testing and general messing about, details below:

    50gb HD
    500gb Bandwidth
    1gb Ram
    1gb Swap
    2 IPs
    Burstable 100mbit connection.
    UK Based. (Xen)

    This server costs me £21.50 per month, £1 of which being an additional IP. James was also kind enough to throw in free monitoring on this server for me, which I thought was a very nice gesture.

    10gb HD
    100gb Bandwidth
    256mb Ram
    512mb Burstable
    Burstable 100mbit connection.
    UK Based. (OpenVZ)

    I have two servers with the above specs. I originally only intended to purchase one, but at just £2.70 per month each they are an absolute steal!

    One thing I did find myself thinking while ordering was that 2IPs by default per server would have been nicer, but I suppose at £1 each they aren't too bad at all, especially when one considers we've pretty much run out of IPV4 addresses now.

    As you can probably tell, I am extremely happy with the deal I have. The saying “you get what you pay for” may come back to bite me, only time will tell, but as of writing I am very content I have made the correct decision to move to QualityServers.

    Support 10/10
    I have created two support tickets so far, one to request rDNS and one for a security audit. Both tickets were consistently answered within minutes with knowledgeable and friendly answers.

    While we're on the subject, I have to admit that I was actually a little shocked at how comprehensive the audit turned out to be. I was expecting, as usual from some companies, a tech to tweak some cPanel settings and throw a firewall on to the server. Here's a simplified list of what they actually did for me (free of charge) on an unmanaged server!

    - Root login email warning.
    - Installed RKHunter
    - Installed Chkrootkit
    - Installed CSF
    - Chmod'd dangerous files
    - MySQL security tweaks
    - Exim security tweaks
    - SSH security tweaks
    - Hardened Apache and PHP
    - Disabled various unneeded/insecure services.

    Considering the extremely low cost I was not expecting this at all, if support stays this good I honestly can't see myself leaving QualityServers any time soon.

    Reliability 10/10
    I can't really comment as I have only been a customer for a few days, there have been no issues with reliability so far and happily I have no reason to believe there ever will be.

    Service: 10/10 No issues at all so far, moving to the company was a breeze. Speedy server!
    Pricing: 10/10 Priced very competitively, I would have liked to see an extra IP included per server – but this isn't a major issue.
    Support: 10/10 Fantastic, very impressive response times and that security audit really gave me confidence in the company.
    Reliability: 10/10 No problems, none expected.

    I am glad I made the jump from my old host to QualityServers, as I said earlier if service remains this good I really don't see any reason to move.

    Thanks to James for running a top notch company, and thank YOU for reading my review. I'll be happy to submit an IP/domain for verification if somebody would be kind enough to tell me how.


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    Hi RandomCoder,

    Thanks for posting your experience, very much appreciated!


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    Click here to report your IP/domain to the mods

    Glad you've had such a good experience with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanP View Post
    Click here to report your IP/domain to the mods

    Glad you've had such a good experience with them
    Done, thank you.

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    Good to hear the good review
    Website Design, Website Development, Photography & more!

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    Thanks for this complete review. It really helped me to pickup a VPS from them (budget VPS, and we all know how many companies out there offer this products).

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    Hi RandomCoder, I am about to avail their service... can you please update us about your service with them? Thanks!

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    Nice Review... they have a pretty clean website. Thanks


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    Hi Galwin,

    The service is still wonderful, I highly recommend QS.

    Since there has been a lot of interest in this thread, I'll post an updated review (as a customer of 3 months) in a new thread in a couple of days.

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