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    Windows VPS Advice

    I just got a windows 2008 vps to offer shared hosting to our clients, since we have been offering only linux till now, i would like to find out what security measures should be taken on the server so that we can close all security holes before we offer the service.

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    Windows 2008 has reach featured firewall management console which you can use to align your TCP level security. Also there is a tool that can perform overall security tuning for you:
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    Turn on windows automatic update
    Enable windows firewall
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    Ideally a robust hardware firewall solution, as well as the Windows software firewall. Lock the server down based on what you are offering (i.e. web, mail, ftp, etc)

    Stop unused services for sure and don't install any roles you don't plan on using. Always keep the system up to date which is a given.

    That is just extremely high level as there is alot more too it, a bit too much for a forum post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PremiumHost View Post
    Turn on windows automatic update.
    I must disagree.

    Don't turn on automatic updates as Windows could be restarted. Manually select only the required updates, schedule these updates, and let your customers know what you are doing.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions.

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    You might also look into hiring a Windows Server Expert to go in and lock down the server even more. But you did go right on the Windows 2008 as it is pretty secure out of the box fwiw.

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