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    * RAID configuration - is it possible?


    I have a question about how to setup RAID array and if this is possible at all.
    So here is what I have:
    CPU: 2x Quad-Core X5560
    motherboard: Intel S5520HC with attached hardware raid AXXROMBSASMR (LSI 1078 4-port SAS HW RAID controller)
    memory: 6x4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
    Hard-drives: 2x 300GB Seagate Cheetah 10k rpm SAS (RAID 1)

    So what I want is to add 2 new SSDs, but with the following configuration:
    The current SAS disks should stay in RAID 1 (mirror)
    The new SSDs should be configured as RAID 0 (strip)

    At the end I should have two partitions - one with the old drives and the other one with the SSD. Is this possible with only one RAID controller?

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    If you can connect all 4 disks on the same RAID controller (so if the RAID supports 4 disks or up), I don't see why it wouldn't work
    From what you mention above it will be possible. - Online in no time
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    Just depends on the raid controller, not worked with that one but most LSI controllers will allow multiple luns like you are wanting.

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    Yes most new raid controllers should support this I see it done all the time. More than one RAID set... 1 + 0, or 1 + 5, 1 + 10, etc

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