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    Thumbs up ServerGurus 1 year review

    I've just come up to a year with ServerGurus and not having done a review on a webhost before I thought I should get my typing hat on and start cracking! It's surprising that a year with ServerGurus has passed already - it feels like only a few months ago that they were helping me migrate from my original host.

    Upon initial sign up, Lee and their tech team were extremely fast at migrating my website from my previous host onto a new server that I had chosen from their dual core servers list. I originally thought that this would suffice for my traffic. However, after a week it was proving slightly unstable with the high demand of traffic I was receiving.

    After chatting with Andrew about the problem, we decided that my server needed extra beef. I had told him the specs of the previous server host I was on and whilst this wasn't available on the sign up page they went and purchased the hardware just for me. It took a few days to arrive but barely a few hours to set up, so thumbs up there. The server was up and running on the new hardware in no time and has been handling the traffic fine ever since.

    Over the past 12 months, I have opened many support tickets and each one was replied with a fast and detailed resolution which after switching from many hosts seems to be a very rare case! Lee even helped install 3rd party software which I was not expecting from them at all. They helped me setup Subversion and PEAR libraries for my PHP application. Their support is first class and anyone who is relying on support from the webhost, ServerGurus has this nailed as top priority.

    Their service has been reliable, fast and I haven't had a single hardware failure. Again, this may not sound like something that should get praised as it should be expected from any host. But with previous history from other hosts, reliability seemed to be a huge problem and it's brilliant that I've managed to 12 months without a single problem.

    So, in conclusion, I hope my review has covered the aspects that any new end user is looking to find from a webhost. I can recommend these guys to anybody looking for a decent webhost with fantastic support. Both Andrew and Lee are amazing guys and will go out of the way to make sure you get full satisfactory.

    Thanks ServerGurus!

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