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    Xen PV or OpenVZ Your Choice $6.95 512MB Ram 8 CPU Cores Free DirectAdmin

    Free DirectAdmin now offers Virtual Private Servers in the first Uptime Institute
    certified Tier III commercial data center in the USA at

    We have Special Pricing on our Virtual Private Servers for WebHostingTalk readers.

    We are one of the few that offer 8 CPU cores for XEN PV on the base plan and
    starting at 512MB
    for either OpenVZ or XEN. Openvz is 4 cores.


    All VPS plans include:
    - Xen PV or OpenVZ
    - FREE Control Panel - DirectAdmin, Webmin, or Kloxo
    - Full root access
    - Free setup
    - Custom Reverse DNS upon request
    - Daily Backups available
    - SolusVM VPS Manager
    - Semi Managed*

    Base VPS - Many Upgrades Available

    This is the base starting point. You can easily upgrade memory, hard drive
    space, or bandwidth
    on the order page.

    Order Here

    - Virtualization Technology - Xen PV or OpenVZ - Your Choice !!
    - 25 GB Disk Space
    - 500GB Data Transfer
    - 512 MB RAM
    - 8 CPU Cores
    - 2 Dedicated Ips
    - $6.95/month - NO CONTRACT
    - DirectAdmin, Webmin, Kloxo FREE
    - Cpanel +$15.00/month

    Auto Script Installers
    - Installatron +$4.00/month
    - Softaculous +$2.00/month

    Order Here

    Other Upgradable Items
    - Ram
    - Disk Space
    - Data Transfer
    - Ip Addresses

    Order Here



    We have been in the hosting business for over 12 years. With
    you get personal service, step by step instructions if you need them. We consider
    every customer and every question to be important. You can call any time. We
    consider it a privilege to talk with our customers.

    Why is Tier III important?

    Many data centers claim certain standards but who has certified them? The
    Uptime Institute provides certification to data centers who want to claim a Tier
    standard. OnePartner is the first Uptime Institute certified Tier III data center in
    the USA. We are proud to have all of our servers located there.


    We manage all the software we install such as OS software, DirectAdmin,
    Installatron, and many other settings. We cannot manage any custom software
    the client installs. Any support needed for any custom installed software
    will need to be obtained directly from the third party software writers or
    we can assist on a case by case basis.

    Test Download File

    Order Here

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    Good looking offer so I signed up after enhancing my order a little. But I do not know which is best... XEN VPS or OPENVZ.
    I went with OpenVZ cos that was the default.

    The ONLY problem I see is that ping times are a little long from my present location (in Australia). This is my 2nd VPS with NewWebSite and I have not had any problems in over a year with the first.

    Now, should I have chosen XEN instead?


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