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    File dump hosts


    I am looking for a host or a company or a service that i can keep my files on their servers and can reach with ftp service or maybe ssh also. Those files wont be open to public so bw is not important, it's all about the disk space they offer.

    For the people who asks why dont you use online file hosts, most of them delete file after some time of inactivity.

    I am not sure if hosting companies that offer unlimited hosting packages (basically there is nothing like unlimited tho) can host my files, not sure about the file size in total but lets say 300 gigs.

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    Yeah, most of those "unlimited disk space" hosts have rules in their TOS about using their services for file storage. What I would suggest is getting an account with BQBackup or Rsync Palace and then use them to your hearts content to store all of your files. Both of those companies give you SSH and FTP access.
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