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    Move from LiquidWeb VPS 2 (4 years now) to Storm on Demand Storm 2?

    I have been on my VPS 2 server for just under 4 years (July 1, 2007, April 15 2006, VPS1) and thanks to no cPanel updates in a year, server is rock solid. Extremely stripped down Security comes first. Stable branch. Quick specs

    LiquidWeb VPS July 2007 - Present
    • Shared CPU
    • 1024MB RAM
    • 100GB Disk Space
    • 1400GB Bandwidth
    • 4 IP Addresses
    • $75.00/month

    Actual Usage
    • 54GB Though sites etc are only 10GB
    • 20GB monthly bandwidth
    • low traffic sites etc present

    Due to not breaking even on hosting friends accounts, I come up $20/month short. So when my one friend hosting with me this week asked for me to make some changes at the server level and I explained that this is shared hosting, he got a LiquidWeb VPS basic for his business he is part of (I am helping finish setting up now) and looked at Storm on Demand and now they offer a Storm 1G for $35+$20 cPanel+bandwidth. quick math makes that out to a $15/month avings for me since 20GB bandwidth is only $3/month, so my total would be $59/month.

    Storm on Demand - Storm 1G
    • 1 CPU
    • 900MB Memory
    • 75GB Disk Space
    • 1 IP Address
    • no bandwidth

    Should I make the jump to save the $150/year or will it bite me in the end (as I have guarantied 100GB Bandwidth to my friend for his sites) as well as 10GB to my other friends sites+a few e-mail accounts.

    Thanks for the help in outside sense.

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    One major consideration you'll need straight away is the possibility that the move will cause you to lose some customers (it always happens).

    That being said Storm on Demand has many good reviews so as long as the move is planned and executed well the saving could be worth it.

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    Yes. I used to have a few liquidweb VPS accounts, and although the uptime was perfect (872 days, zero downtime), the CPU and disk performance left a lot to be desired.
    Stormondemand is using much newer processors (Xeon X3440, Core i5 750) on their machines and a lower density per machine, so you are likely to see a performance boost while maintaining a similar level of service.

    Regardless of which you choose, make sure you keep updated off-server backups.

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