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    Private Label SSL?

    Are there any providers that allow you to brand the ssl and allow customers to think it came from you vs a company like comodo or verisign?

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    I'm not aware of any providers that would allow that. Also, the browsers would need to allow it as well.

    If you are going to resell, be proud of the name behind the certificate. People trust those names.

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    Not exactly sure what you are asking?

    Generally speaking, you WANT a known, trusted Certificate Authority like VeriSign or Comodo to sign a certificate that associates your public key with the details of your certificate. Their valid signature denotes their endorsement of your identity.

    You can create and use your own self-signed certificates, but anyone (i.e. everyone) who does not have your homemade certificate authority in their list of trusted CAs is going to encounter many security warnings as they attempt to establish an SSL connection. This is not the scenario you want if you are looking for the general public to establish SSL connections with you. If you are just looking to set this up internal to your organization, you should be fine with some minor configuration changes (e.g. add your CA to the list of trusted CAs for all systems in your environment)


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    Comodo do, as clearly shown by the latest foobar, it will cost you a 5 figure sum though I would assume.
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    Take a look at trustico

    it written :
    "Our reseller service is private label - which means your customers are your customers. We'll never send your customers to our retail site or contact them with marketing material."

    seem like you want.

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