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    What is Google advertising professional (GAP)?

    What is (GAP) Google advertising professional? Is it worth? If yes then how to do this…..
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    Google Advertising Professionals is the old program name for the AdWords Certification Program ran by Google. This program was retired in April 2010 and replaced with a new one which amended criteria for entry and changes to the training structure and exam requirements[1]. The program continues to certify consultants to help the increasing number of new Google AdWords clients with their AdWords wikipedia..
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    To become a Google advertising professional, you will have to pass Google Adwords certification exam conducted by Google. It help to get more adwords projects.
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    I want to apply for this exam. Where should I apply for this exam. I heard about Google Adword certification, are both the same.
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    gap is the old name of Adwords certification program conducted by Google.
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    That is not an old name
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    Quote Originally Posted by williamsantt View Post
    Google now offers a "Qualified Google Advertising Professional" certification. Is it hard? Will you learn anything?
    I have been receiving an increasing number of emails from google about this
    I have been operating two google adwords account, and all the elements appear to be covered

    The next issue is that the program has changed over the last 12 months
    This presents some challenges for the exam, as they test you on four elements out of many!
    Therefore it appears to be a lot to learn, but not likely to be tested on but ironically you may use every day

    Finally, I note in the UK there are just four such listed organisations with certification
    I therefore assume the personal certification is of less value / benefit and is only for you, your clients or potential clients

    Therefore, if you pass the exam, use the logo
    If you don't pass the exam, then your experience counts
    Leave it to you to decide from there...
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    M8 INTERNET : Google Ads Account Management
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    is very hard to keep up with what Google consider important in every aspect involving even this fact. Although i like this company (best in the world if you ask me) this thing of needing to be always up to date bugs me
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    but the certification exam is very tough to pass. Need to be real expert for that does anyone has any tricks to pass it.
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    Google advertising professional is the old name of the adwords certification program by Google which is replaced with the new criteria for entry and training.
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