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    What do you do with your VPS?

    Im about to buy a VPS server and I had some ideas of what I was going to use it for, but I would like to do more with it than what i can think of.

    So tell me, what types of stuff do you do with your VPS?

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    I host WordPress web sites. - WordPress for all of us

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    We host our website on one of our VPSs.

    We also use them for LAMP and as VNC virtual desktops for software development.
    Akliz, Inc. | 617-475-3266

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    I run bots for a game called runescape and sell the gold to people. Oddly enough this is bringing in pretty good money about 200 a month ith no work.

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    playing around

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    Host personal sites, email, VPN to watch hulu and netflix while overseas, stream mp3s to work, web app development, ...

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    I run an nginx webserver, PHP-FPM, XCache, and MySQL for some WordPress and CakePHP websites.

    I run NSD DNS servers to manage DNS for my domains. I currently use 3 different VPSs from different providers for this.

    I run a Postfix mail server to handle my personal email, and retrieve it via pop3s using Dovecot. A secondary MX runs on an alternate VPS in case the main VPS is down. I also use dkim-milter to automatically add dkim signatures to outgoing email.

    I run OpenVPN for personal use.

    I run Duplicity and rsync for backups. Duplicity automatically runs backups to alternate VPSs. My router running TomatoUSB and optware automatically rsyncs my VPSs to a flash drive in the middle of the night.

    I wrote a script to do ping tracking and monitor various resources on the VPS. This runs on two VPSs, so they can monitor each other.

    I wrote a script to capture a streaming radio show to mp3 files that runs automatically on a VPS. Then my router downloads them in the middle of the night and deletes them from the VPS. So I can listen at my convenience.

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