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    Question Traffic statistics.. best tool to use...

    What do you guys recommend me to use if I need to be able to see detail traffic statistic of visitors to my site?

    For example I'm going to be advertising something on craigslist and need to be able to determine how many visitors clicked on my site through my ad listed on craigslist (my ad on craigslist will have link to my site).

    What do you recommend for me to use that you prefer?


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    Google Analytics works fantastically, and it's free!

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    Google Analytic will work perfectly according to your need, it will gives you the detailed information about visits on your website. You can also use other tools like Google Trends,, Google Insight and many more.

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    I'd also recommend Google Analytics! I am sure that it is the best tool available to check traffic.

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    Google Analytics is good enough to do that, besides check how many visitors come from your ads, you also can find some related keywords, it's very useful.

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    You should try Google analytics to track all your traffic for free. If you don't want to use this tool you can choose compete too. Compete is also a great tool for traffic statistics.

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    I am recommending Google analytics as well.

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    Google analytics seems to be the best choice at present, you do not have to spend anything for using that and each page of your website would be having its tracking section. The AwStats parts of your hosting panel too is truly great to use. The information is updated on a constant basis and you can even find the terms having lead to page views.

    There is also another option and that is if you are offering services or goods to your web visitors or shoppers, on the checkout or ordering forms, you may considering adding an extra text field box, dedicated to the traffic source. For example, ask people to select from a drop down menu of option, how they have found your website on the net.

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    Goggle analytic will be the best another best will be cute ranking tools

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    Google Analytics is best of all.
    1. It is Free
    2. User friendly
    3. Set goals for conversion rates and team up with adwords
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    Use google analytics, it has an option which tells you about the source of your traffic. If you click on the referring sites, you will be able to see which sites are referring traffic to you and how much visitors are coming from that source. Hope it helps.


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