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    problem with webcam


    I ve got a Logitech webcam and i face a big problem.
    I took this webcam from my other PC (where it was working) and I want to use it in my current PC. The problem is that when i plug my cam the green light that has on it flashes one time and turns off very very fast. The windows (XP) does not "see" this webcam so i cant use it. I ve tried all of the usb slots and nothing. A friend of mine has the same webcam and he had the same problem and he told me that he slove it with using a usb cable (from webcam to pc) not hub just a simple cable. I did that too but nothing happened

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Did you install the drivers from Logitech?

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    Check that you have installed all drivers that are needed to operate a webcam. It might be due to virus problem. So also check that.

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    What is the model of your logitech webcam ?

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    Ya, my friend had the same problem with his webcam. I don't know if it is the same model though. Please send me the model info, and I will ask him for you.

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    Did you install the drivers first then the camera?

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    His computer can't locate the webcam so how is it possible to install drivers first? May be its something to do with usb cable.
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    Most USB devices require the end-user to install the drivers first. Like mobile phones, printers, and scanners. These are all imaging devices, yet they require the end-user to install their drivers first. The Logitech camera instructions (manual) might require the software/drivers to be installed first, then reboot machine and/or plug the USB device into another direct USB port and not a USB HUB.

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    I have same issue with my mouse!
    i think it's because of your USB port voltage.

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    oh i forgot to say.
    try to test another Usb webcam for test . if it's a usb issue you'll find out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aniqa View Post
    His computer can't locate the webcam so how is it possible to install drivers first? May be its something to do with usb cable.
    You can usually install a driver suite before the device is even hooked up. Most webcams and USB devices require this.

    Do you have a lot of other USB 2.0 powered devices plugged in?

    Sometimes if you have several devices that draw power from USB you will need to add another powered hub or something. The webcam might not be able to draw enough power to operate. I've run into this problem with older computers of mine.
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