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    * - any review on them

    Hello there,

    we were looking into getting a new dedicated server somewhere in Europe with a quad core cpu, 12GB of RAM and 5 HDDs (2&2 in HW RAID 1), that would run with CentOS and cPanel. We looked into the offer of Giga International which sounds good, but the reviews we found here are extremely old and quite frankly not good.

    Has anyone had any experiences with them (service quality, etc.), or could you suggest someone else that is willing to offer a customized solution at a reasonable price and good support?

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    I have a server from them for backup purposes. I can't say much for their support as I didn't need any help with the server. If it counts, they setup the server fast and as requested. No problem with the network either. Pingdom doesn't show any downtime and speeds at least from Europe are good.

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    Yes but as I said most of these comments are way too old... Any recent experience?
    Any other provider you might recommend?

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    I think that the most effective for you would be finding the way to get in touch with their real customers and have some conversation.
    I think that must help you to understand them better.
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    Their PR-staff insults it's customers on these forums when making a negative post about them and counter blame their customers for say bad network speeds by saying they have many happy customers on these forums, yet in 4 years I never seen a positive one. Between one and two years ago there was a negative thread about them every week.

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    Do you have anyone else you would suggest in Europe?

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    thanks for the links

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