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    how to transfer an entire vps to new hosting?

    i want to change my hosting company so i want to move to a new vps provider
    i have about 10 sites in that vps so how can i transfer the entire vps?
    don't tell me to transfer my vps site by site it will be a time consumming?

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    What control panel are you using?
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    What (if any) control panel are you using? If source and destination control panels match, it could well be a trivial process. If not...

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    If the old VPS, and new VPS both have cPanel/WHM (latest version) then you can use the option in WHM (new VPS) to copy/transfer account(s) from another server.

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    yes the old and the new using cPanel/WHM
    so how to do transfer ?

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    Use " Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server" under the Transfers section.

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