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    My site doesn’t load for me only?

    I have a vps and after working on my website for hour or tow it stops loading for me only
    When I check it using proxy it load but when I check it normally with different browsers it doesn’t load
    Nothing wrong with my connection
    I just wanna know is that a problem with my hosting company or something else?

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    have you loggedin from computer with different ip?

    yours is probably blocked.

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    i didnt try but when i reboot my router it assign a new ip for me in i9 still have the same problem

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    Try clearing your cache and run this on window's cmd "ipconfig /flushdns"

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    Delete your cookies for your site, change IP address and then try in new fast browser means chrome. If problem still exist then talk with your hosting company. They can make sure this is your PC problem or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kootta View Post
    Nothing wrong with my connection
    Have you performed a traceroute to make sure?
    In Windows:
    start->run->cmd (hit enter).
    tracert (hit enter)

    This should show the hops from you to the server. Any fail? If they fail at your server or provider, contact them. If they fail before arriving there, it's probably a routing issue along the way.
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