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    better managed or unamanged with external management

    I might need a dedicated soon, does anyone know if external management is better than the "full management" offer from the seller?

    I asked the same quotation around to few management groups and the price range is more or less 100$ up to 300$, while as I can see from Dedicated/VPS hostings offer section the cost of the service starts from few $ up to max 100$

    usually a more expensive service comes with better quality, but there are exceptions too

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    If you can afford it, then I would definitely recommend you get management from the provider.

    It's their server, it's their network and they know what they are doing.

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    that's a good point, but browsing the forum last few days I saw much more good reviews about external group management than providers

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    I suggest taking management with the provider you want to rent the server from.
    An external company might be cheaper, but they can't get physical to the hardware and the SLA's from the provider mostly covers hardware SLA's also - Online in no time
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    well...I'm actually trying a managed VPS and had an horrible experience with its provider "full management": after the first setup the PHP wasn't working (shouldn't be that included in a standard setup?).

    Tech support was efficient and kindly solved all the issues, so thumbs up for ticket system. Buuuuuuuut I'm really pissed off about spending 2 days sending ticket just to fix things that should be ok after a default setup, not a custom setup

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    I don't think PHP should be included in the base setup. What if someone doesn't want to run PHP?

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    a good managed company will be alot better then external management beware of some of the low end management offers here on WHT i tried out a few of the companies and had some pretty bad techs do work i even had a company lie to be and tell me someone was working on a server 4 hours before they had anyone that had a clue to do anything.

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    We went with a managed option through our provider and I couldn't be happier. We're talking minutes to answer tickets, ability to have them do all the nasty installs, etc. It's fantastic.

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    so I will keep the current managed VPS to see how it goes, I see that it was an isolated case.

    I might need an external in case I need they have a direct contact with costumers

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    Whether an external management company or the provider itself is better strictly depends. I would refrain from judging service by price. For providers, they can normally charge less for management because they are profiting from the equipment.

    For the most part, a real data center providing management will always have the upper hand because they can directly access the server when things go south.
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    any advice on managed dedicated provider? If you name one pls also share why.
    Even if current support is great I'd prefer a provider that don't put me in a situation where I need ask too much support.

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    I agree with most of the posts on here, get management from the provider. Makes everything much simpler.

    I'd recommend KnownHost.
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    Get it from the provider. If there is an external manager the support time could get more delayed as well.
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