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    Best lightweight hosting solution?

    Hi all,

    I've got a low-end VPS hosting several websites, and I've always used cPanel/WHM because that's what was on the providers I chose. But, it has always felt like I bit of overkill for me, and a bit resource-intensive for my little VPS, so I'm curious what other (good) options I might have?

    I recently played around with a bare-bones VPS from slicehost and briefly thought about using it for my hosting. While I'm comfortable setting things up on linux I don't know a whole lot about setting up email accounts, multiple domains, etc, so this would be pretty time consuming to work through. I do periodically add/remove domains (and subdomains) so that's a definite convenience factor of cPanel.

    I can't even find out a whole lot online about what parts of cPanel are really required to run. Could the service be shutdown when I don't need to be actively managing things? I suppose the backups, at least, are triggered from the service.

    Thanks for any thoughts!

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    You can take a look to webmin... it is open source and will help you get along the common tasks with a graphic interface.

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    You can try another control panel such as DirectAdmin. Also check if Apache is using a lot of resources. If yes, then look in to LiteSpeed Web Server. It will keep the cpu/memory usage low while increasing your website performance.
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    Kloxo is hands down my favorite free control panel for Linux. It's come a long ways, and well, its pretty good and lightweight.
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    Excellent, thanks all. I guess I want a bit more control of the management of my VPS but still the convenience of having most tasks automated.

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    +1 For DA.

    To be honest though...if I'm hosting multiple sites for clients...I wouldn't use anything but WHM/cPanel.

    There are other options though as people have mentioned above.


    Can I ask why you think cPanel is resource intensive? Is it just the RAM? On a clean box with no websites, running cPanel takes about 300MB (with BIND) from what I've seen.

    If it's just the RAM, I would recommend you upgrade to a VPS that allows you to run cPanel. For that extra small amount of money, you're going to love cPanel when something goes wrong.

    The other control panel's will use RAM as well, not as much, but I don't think it's worth downgrading. The way I do it is if it's 1 website, I can manage it from the command line no control panel at all. If there are multiple websites...just use cPanel, .

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    I personally advocate DirectAdmin for a lightweight control panel solution. It has a relatively lower memory footprint as compared to cPanel from what I have observed, but I have not done a direct comparison between the two so I cannot give you exact statistics.

    However, DirectAdmin works as well as cPanel and while it may not be as fanciful, it certainly fulfils most purposes adequately.

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    I want to say that cPanel is more usable than any other control panel. It has simple and web master-friendly interface.

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    You can try another control panel such as DirectAdmin. Also check if Apache is using a lot of resources. If yes, then look in to LiteSpeed Web Server. It will keep the cpu/memory usage low while increasing your website performance.
    It is not just Apache processes, you also need to look at other perspectives - If for example you are going to let people use 'unlimited' domains on their hosting accounts and these customers decide to utilize in that resource which i have surely seen happen it can start to degrade the performance of cPanel in itself

    There are always other aspects than just the one, Litespeed surely isn't going to speed up your cPanel experience all that much, or much at all.
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    I'm not overly concerned about the resources used by cPanel on this VPS I have, it's more just that I eventually want to move off my current VPS host. I'm not unhappy with them, but price/performance has never been great and there are occasional network outages. So, when I think of where I'd want to go next, some kind of bare-bones "utility" VPS from somewhere like slicehost has come to mind. I like the idea of easily adding more nodes, or upgrading existing ones. But then I'd need to either choose a management package or do it myself.

    The thought of turning off parts of cPanel to save resources had come up because one of my sites with a large database has been getting slower, so I've been increasing the memory available to MySQL, hence wondering where I could shave off anything unnecessary.

    Anyone have tips for which services could be shutdown on a typical VPS? I often see clamd active, and all real email on this server is eventually forwarded on to gmail accounts, so I've been curious if I need this anti-virus scanner.

    Thanks all for the thoughts!

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