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    Seeking Design Firm


    I hope I'm posting this in the correct location.

    Basically I'm trying to find a recommended firm that can handle the following situation:

    We host a site that is deeply entwined with vBulletin, and over the past few months we've run into multiple problems with spam, spam sign ups, spam posts, etc.

    We need to have someone or a group come in and bring the vBulletin system up to date, and change some features around.

    The issue with this is the site is finance based and providing access to the back end is extremely risky. So we're trying to avoid using individual contractors, as insurance/legal protections come into play.

    So it is my hope that someone here can recommend a firm that would have php experts on staff that we could contract with.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Install vbstopforumspam (available for 3 and 4 on, add questions for the registration and you'll be good.

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    There is lots of IT companies which have php experts. They can help you. So you should do little search and check that they meet with your requirements.

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    Choose any IT firm which have experience and expertise both. I am sure by searching on Google you can find a lot of companies, choose according to your budget and don't forget to discuss about legal issues in contracts.

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    you can find good companies from here . This has great list of companies

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    Probably would be an idea to search locally first, see if there are any web design companies near to where you are located - get them in or go over to their premises for meeting to discuss your requirements etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markupmypage View Post
    you can find good companies from here . This has great list of companies
    cool site. thank for the list.

    but could u give me the list for small budget??
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